1. The functions of synovial fluid include all of the following except:


2. The word synovium is derived from the Greek word which means


3. Synovial fluid is collected by a procedure called


4. The synovial fluid is collected in heparinized tube for which of the following examination


5. The synoviocytes which are phagocytic in function are


6. “Fibroblast like” synoviocytes are


7. The differentiating feature of synovial fluid as compared to other body fluids is due the presence of


8. The highest WBC count can be expected to be seen with:


9. Milky white color of synovial fluid occurs in


10. Viscosity of the synovial fluid id reduced in


11. The following parameters should be considered when one is looking for crystals in synovial fluid except


12. Needle shaped crystals are characteristic of


13. Short sticks , rectangles or small squares type of crystals are characteristic of


14. Irregular or Chinese coin shape crystals are characteristic of


15. Positive birefringence is found in which of the following type of crystals


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