1. What is synovial fluid?
2. How is synovial fluid produced?
3. What are the different types of synoviocytes?
4. What is the difference between synovial fluid and other body fluids??
5. What are the functions of synovial fluid?

6. How is the synovial fluid collected?
7. What are the indications of arthrocentesis?
8. What are the different types of specimen containers in which the synovial fluid is collected?
9. What are the components of synovial fluid analysis?
10. What is the significance of color in synovial fluid analysis.?
11.How do you assess the viscosity of synovial fluid and what is its significance?
12. What is mucin clot test.?
13. How is mucin clot test interpreted?
14. What is the cause of clotting of Synovial fluid ?
15. What are the normal parameters of Synovial fluid analysis?
16. What are Ragocytes?
17. What are Reiter’s cells ?
18. What are the different types of abnormal Synovial fluid and what are their findings?
19.How should crystals be assessed in microscopic examination.?
20. What are the different types of crystals one can encounter in synovial fluid and in which conditions they are found ?


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