Author : Dr Swathi Sahni.
Editor: Dr Vijay Shankar. S.

1. What is sputum and what are its constituents?
2. What is the principal source of sputum secretion?
3. What is the stimulus for sputum production?
4.What are the physical properties of sputum?
5. What is the chemical composition of sputum?
6. What are the indications of sputum examination?

7. How to collect the sputum sample?
8. Why early morning sample is preferable?
9. How to obtain sputum from children?
10. What kind of container should be used for sputum examination.?
11. What kind of sputum sample is unacceptable for examination?
12. What are the methods for induction of sputum production.?
13. How to transport a sputum sample?
14. What will happen if sputum is allowed to stand without medium?
15. What is Saccomanno technique?
16. What the advantages of Saccomanno method?
17. What does the color of sputum signifies?
18. What is the normal odour of the sputum and what does different odour signify?
19. What are the prerequisites for gram staining of sputum.?
20. What are the normal flora of oral cavity and pharynx.?
21. What are the morphological appearances of different organisms on gram stain?
22. What is the ideal sputum sample for culture.?
23. What are Dittrich’s plugs.?
24. Name the various parasites seen in sputum.?
25. What is Curschmann’s Spirals ?
26. What are Charcot Leyden crystals?
27. What is the significance of sputum in heart disease?
28. What kind of inclusions seen in different viruses of sputum sample ?
29. Why Auramine Rhodamine staining is superior to Ziehl–Neelsen staining?