1. What are the components of semen?
2. What are the indications for semen analysis?
3. What are the normal values in semen analysis?
4. Write a note on semen sample collection?
5. Can the semen be collected in the condoms?

6. Why is coitus interruptus not a reliable means to collect the semen?
7. What are the components of macroscopic examination of semen?
8. How is liquefaction identified?
9. What is the cause for delayed liquefaction?
10. How do you assess viscosity of the semen?
11. What are the components of initial microscopic examination?
12. How to assess sperm vitality?
13. What is the name of the counting chamber used to count spermatozoa?
14. How do you determine the sperm morphology?
15. What are the features of a Normal Spermatazoa?
16. What are the abnormal forms of human spermatozoa?
17. What is the importance of seminal fluid fructose?
18. What is the significance of increased leukocytes in semen?
19. What are sperm function tests?
20. What is Aspermia?
21. What is Azoospermia?
22. What is Oligozoospermia?
23. What is Hemospermia and Leukosepemia.?
24. What is Asthenozoospermia?
25. What is Teratozoospermia?