RIPPLED PATTERN  #patternsinhistopathology
Rippled meaning: form or flow with small waves on the surface. Or move in a way resembling small waves.
Rippled pattern in histopathology is a histomorphological feature where  alternating areas of cells in the form of cords, and stroma form a pattern which is similar to that of ripple marks in water or ripple marks of sand in a desert as shown in the images below.

 Ripple marks in water

Ripple marks of sand in a desert

Sometimes this pattern is very difficult to distinguish from verocay body which is found in schwannomas.

Tumors exhibiting RIPPLED PATTERN
Sebaceous carcinoma
Basal cell carcinoma
Trichoblastic carcinoma
Cutaneous angioleiomyoma etc….

Classical rippled pattern Sebaceoma  shared by T Fujisawa Pathol @KUSAURAP on twitter.

You can see more images from his collection in the link below