cystic glandular hyperplasia - endometrium



Endometrial hyperplasia

Types Sub Types features Risk of progression to adenocarcinoma
Simple Hyperplasia Simple hyperplasia without atypia

(cystic glandular hyperplasia)

Varying size glands some of which are cystically dilated.

Dilated glands lined by atrophic epithelium.

Less than 1 %
Simple hyperplasia with atypia Similar to above but the epithelial cells show nuclear atypia in the form of loss of polarity, vesicular nuclei with prominent nuclei 8%
Complex Hyperplasia Complex hyperplasia without atypia The number and size of glands are increased. Crowding and branching of glands are seen. The lining epithelium can be multilayered but there is no atypia 3%
Complex hyperplasia with atypia Artchitecturally similar to above but show cellular atypia. The atypia may be mild, moderate or sevre.loss of polarity , irregular hyperchromatic nuclei and prominent nucleoli. 20-25%