1. What is cerebrospinal fluid and what are its functions?
2. What is the normal volume of CSF?

3. How is CSF collected?
4. What are the precautions to be taken while collecting the CSF?
5. In how many tubes cerebrospinal should be collected?
6. What is the significance of CSF appearance after collection?
7. How do you differentiate between cerebral hemorrhage and traumatic tap when the fluid is bloody?
8. How is cell count done in a Cerebrospinal fluid?
9. How to do a differential cell count in cerebrospinal fluid?
10. What are the methods of estimation of specific gravity of u What are the normal cells found in cerebrospinal fluid.?
11. What is pleocytosis?
12. What are the significance of different cells in cerebrospinal fluid.?
13. What What is the normal level of protein in cerebrospinal fluid?
14. What are the causes of increased or decreased cerebrospinal fluid protein levels?
15. What is the normal levels of glucose in cerebrospinal fluid?
16. What are the causes of increased and decreased cerebrospinal fluid glucose levels?
17. What is the role of microbiology tests in cerebrospinal fluid analysis?
18. What is the importance of estimation of CSF glutamine level?
19. What is the role of serologic testing of cerebrospinal fluid.?
20. What are the laboratory findings in different types of meningitis ?